LIVE tonite… me!! lol

Hiya folks,

For all those who know me…   you know I work for an internet radio station. I love being there, and although I get tired easily these days, it’s fun.  Do come along and say hi:


I know…  I’m a naughty blogger….

Left my blog for too long.  For which.. I apologise.  I had been in hospital for a while and had needed some time to myself to recover.

I’m back now though, and will start to blog more on here :)

Long Time…

Whew…  sorry it’s been a while since I posted last.

Things have not been too good for me at home, and to top it all off I was involved in an accident.  No..  I don’t drive a car…  I just chose the wrong time to pick an argument with a car heading my way! oopsie!

Had a shock when I logged onto my fave gay website…   (Just Us Boys).  I had a pm informing me that a kind member had upgraded my account for a whole year!!!  To say I was shocked would be an understatement.  The news arrived at a good time for me as it was a real moral booster, and I’m once more smiling again.   It’s a longshot…  but I hope the person who paid for me for the year will know that I shall, and always will be truly grateful…  thank you, whoever you are.

Goes to show that there are some caring people out there :)

Trying Times…

Don’t you just love it when your life is turned upside down?!

Well…  that’s just what’s happening to me at the moment.  My printing business is on the verge of folding flat on it’s ugly little face! After all the money, and hard work put into it.  I feel devestated, but there’s nothing I can do about it apart from sell off the equipment and at least get back some of my costs.

Apart from that, life in general seems to be picking up ever since I found the JUB Forums (Just Us Boys).  They’re a great bunch to chat with, and certainly know how to cheer someone up when he’s feeling low.  I’m still trying to become a site supporter, but can’t afford it yet. As soon as I can though, I am goin to sign up for supporter status!

Here’s Me…

Rather than just sit here typing…  I’m going to be bold and show my real self: So…  there you go.  Nice to meet you!

I’ll be posting other pics too at some point.  I just need to remember that I now have a blog! lol

It Begins…

Hello everyone :)

Thought it was time I started my own blog.  It’s been a while since I last did one,  so please do bear with me! lol.   It’s been one heck of a strange time here lately.  I have been through a painful split up with my partner, although he has agreed to let me stay living here as I have nowhere else to go.  We get on better as friends, but I am the lonliest I have ever been in many years.

Not sure what else to post at the moment so I’ll get on with some work I have to get done, and I’ll be back posting more real soon. Also look out for some photos which I aim to share with you all.